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How To Do Laundry The Green Way

07 Apr 2019 1:30 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

Everybody needs clean clothes, but the chemical pollution and greenhouse gases created on laundry day can be bad for the planet.

Use cold water

Using hot water to wash your clothes can be useful because it kills bacteria and germs. If you’re cleaning bedsheets that were used by a sick person, for example, you’ll want to turn up the heat. But hot water also loosens dyes, which are really just stains that you want on your clothes.

Hot water washing comes with environmental problems too. Up to 90% of the energy your washer uses goes to heating water. Flip the dial to cold and you’re not only conserving energy, you could be saving up to $0.60 per load. By some estimates, the average American family washes more than 300 loads a year, meaning they could annually save more than $180 by keeping the water temperature down.

More at source: Popular Science

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