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“In a Day’s Work” documents workplace sexual harassment of U.S. caregiving, janitorial and agricultural workers

19 Jun 2019 7:11 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

Bernice Yeung’s 2018 book In A Day’s Work, is an extremely readable yet detailed work that documents workplace sexual harassment and assault among janitorial, caregiving and agricultural workers in the United States. Yeung, a reporter for ProPublica from Berkeley, California, also demonstrates the ways in which these workers are fighting back through legal mechanisms with help from both governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Importantly, she also highlights major gaps in labor laws that deny rights to janitorial, caregiving and agricultural workers and how some local and state governments are working to fill these gaps. The book also focuses on how stereotypes create impediments to justice and encouraging attempts to change the way many in these industries view and react to sexual assault.

Yeung’s book is essential reading for anyone working in janitorial, caregiving or agricultural work, or is an undocumented immigrant or advocate for immigrant rights who is unsure about the rights and recourse to justice for sexual harassment and assault victims. Yeung details several non-governmental advocacy groups that can serve as examples for areas in the United States that currently lack necessary advocacy groups for janitors, caregivers, and farm workers. For example, Yeung describes how Vicky Marquez, a member of a southern California advocacy group for janitors, Maintenance Cooperation Trust Fund (MCTF), goes from site to site to build personal relationships with janitorial staff.

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