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Watch what you use to clean house -- your pet's health may depend on it

25 Sep 2019 7:33 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

Do you consider your feline's health when choosing household cleaning products? Perhaps you should. Many cleaning products contain toxins and chemicals. Your feline can ingest a toxin through its respiratory system or when it grooms.

Ellie is a lovely, long-furred gray female. She came to Buddy when her owner died. When Ellie came in her fur was a bit matted so she got a trip to the groomer. She came back with a very short shave and a cute lion cut. Ellie appears to be much more comfortable with her new look. Although a little shy, Ellie will quickly come out for some attention. She will play a bit with string toys and sometimes even the laser. But her favorite thing is attention; she loves to be petted.

Think of the multitude of surfaces your feline's feet touch within your home. If you have a normal curious feline, that means just about everywhere. Think of the areas your feline eats, naps and plays in -- and you'll realize it's probably every room in the house, including the bedroom. Exposure to chemicals over time can cause health problems such as allergies, metabolic disorders and cancer. Exposure can also cause an immediate toxic reaction.

More at source: Daily Herald 

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