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SpendEdge Forecasts a Spend Growth of Over USD 30 Billion for the Janitorial Services Industry

02 Dec 2019 9:25 AM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

The janitorial services industry is witnessing demand from both the commercial and residential sectors that will increase at an exponential rate. In the commercial sector, window cleaning, vacuuming, floor care, and other services such as kit cleaning and dusting are some of the types of janitorial services that are in high demand.

Meanwhile, in the residential sector, factors such as improvement in the purchasing power of the middle-class demography will create the demand for services such as maid services, carpet cleaning, and window cleaning. This will drive the spend momentum of the janitorial services industry at a CAGR of over 4% between 2018-2022.

More at source: Yahoo Finance

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