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Could coronavirus travel through the air? What new research says...

02 Apr 2020 12:38 PM | IJCSA - (Administrator)

It doesn’t simply rely on being coughed on or respiratory secretions within a six-foot radius of a patient,” he said. “Being airborne would allow a virus to travel further than that. There have been hints.”

Air samples taken inside hospitals, in COVID-19 patients’ rooms and the hallways outside, tested positive for the coronavirus, according to University of Nebraska research. The study is published on a pre-publication research site, but is not yet peer-reviewed.


The samples were taken farther than 6 feet away from patient beds. Analysis of the samples found in the air did not indicate the presence of viral replication.

A university post noted that this was not conclusive evidence that the virus is airborne, and that further research is needed to see if live virus was captured and determine the risk of transmission through the air.

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