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Importance Following OSHA Guidelines for Bloodborne Pathogens

16 Jul 2019 8:46 AM | Anonymous

Following the OSHA Guidelines regarding Bloodborne Pathogens is important for any cleaning employees that may come in contact with any body fluids while performing their cleaning tasks.

By following OSHA's "Universal Precautions" the cleaning employee assumes that all fluids containing pathogens are infected and insures that proper precautions are taken.

It is important for the cleaning employee employ Protective Practices when handling any type of Pathogen Clean ups. This could include; Blood, Vomit or Saliva. Safe protective practices include; Vinyl Gloves, Eye Protection, Face Masks, or Gowns. Never smoke, apply lip balm, or compress any bags that contain pathogens are additional best practices. Not splashing while cleaning and using tongs to avoid sharp objects are also important.

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