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IJCSA Green! 100% Guarantee

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We are the IJCSA of Atlanta, top flooring, carpeting and cleaning professionals. The IJCSA of Atlanta will assess the level and type of cleaning necessity you may have. We will determine how the most productive, safe and friendly to environment of cleaning processes, and provide the most effective solutions to mitigate your cleaning challenge.

Our customer’s safety is our number one priority! This is why IJCSA is 100% Green! Our commitment is to implement green cleaning methods. We use Green Clean Certified products and cleaning equipment for the best and safest clean for your family and pets!

We also collaborate with other cleaning companies:

Trendi Pro Clean

H & J Services Inc.

Superb Cleaning

IJCSA of Atlanta, Premier Green Services Company!

Our Services:

As part of a regular cleaning service, our teams will:

Normal Service

·         Dust window sills, decorative items, wall hangings, blinds, ceiling fans, and furniture

·         Remove cobwebs, General tidying, Vacuum all floors

Additional Service

·         Empty wastebaskets and place trash in outside receptacle, Vacuum family room furniture

·         Wash window over sink, Make beds

Deep Cleaning Service

·         Wipe down woodwork, including baseboards, door frames, window sills, cabinet exteriors, and paneling

·         Clean interior windows, sliding glass doors, and French doors, spot clean walls

·         Utilize HEPA vacuum on upholstered furniture, pillows, bedding, mattresses, drapes, stuffed animals, carpet edging, window blinds, and HVAC vent covers

·         Clean underneath area rugs

·         Clean underneath/behind light, movable furniture, polish silver


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