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Finding a Green Cleaning Service

13 Aug 2022 8:49 PM | Rachelle Booher

Here at RAVA Commercial Cleaning we take the health and safety of our clients and staff very seriously. That is why we have made a commitment to "clean green". Recent advancements in chemical technology have made it possible to develop cleaning products that are as effective as traditional products but do not contain harsh ingredients. A proper green cleaning program should consist of procedures that maximize cleaning results while protecting cleaning workers and facility occupants. 

In addition to using nontoxic products, proper training of cleaning staff is also critical to a successful program. At RAVA Commercial Cleaning, our staff undergoes routing training and instruction on the latest trends and advancements as well as proper usage.

Eliminating waste is always a priority.  We have implemented ways to reduce waste by monitoring correct product usage, converting to microfiber in lieu of paper products and recycling all materials that are a biproduct of our company.  

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