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The importance of bloodborne pathogens training and knowledge.

08 Mar 2021 4:37 PM | Nadassa Mcmorris

Bloodborne pathogens means pathogenic microorganisms that are transmitted through the bloodstream, and can cause viruses. The three most significant bloodborne pathogens but not limited to are. Immunodeficiency virus {HIV} Hepatitis B virus {HBV} and Hepatitis C virus {HCV} Hepatitis B virus can live in dried blood for up to a week, Hepatitis C virus can survive for up to four days. Many symptoms many not be present for many years after exposure such as HIV. 

Some of the symptoms for {HBV}: Abdominal pains, Jaundice, Dark urine, Nausea. 

some of the symptoms for {HCV}: sore throat, persistent fever, night sweats, mild flu like symptoms. 

Proper training knowledge and understanding is required when cleaning up any type of bloodborne pathogen As it is vitally important for protecting the health and safety of the workers. The training ensures workers and employees are qualified to work in this specialised environment. Anyone can be exposed to bloodborne pathogens during an accident or close contact with anyone that has a transmittable infection. from an open wound, needle prick or sores To bodily fluids, mucous membranes, and non intact skin with blood tissue. These are just a few amongst other potentially infectious diseases. BBP training must be retained for three years, whether kept on paper or electrically. Employers must be able to easily access this in case an OHSA officer needs to see the records.  

The correct {PPE} Personal protective equipment should be worn at all times when cleaning up any bloodborne pathogens. It is worn to minimise exposure. Some types of PPE are: Face shields, gloves, gowns, masks, goggles and glasses, shoe covers. Anyone exposed to BBP should report it within the hour if possible to allow prompt intervention to reduce the risk of infection. 


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