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Importance of janitors

07 Mar 2021 6:24 PM | Herbert Simmons

Janitors are important in our everyday lives in so many different ways, they are the ones to open the doors in the morning. Janitors are our first line of defense in security, and health safety, before we get to the work place they have it already set up for us.

They come in and turn on the lights and unlock the doors and set the temperature in the building, and then they make sure each area is cleaned and disinfected for the staff and customers. It is important to stay on top of cleanliness, because germs and disease can grow without proper attention.  

From cleaning the cafeteria and restrooms, to wiping all high point areas such as counters, ledges and door handles . These are areas that are in use on a daily and is handles by many people throughout the day. This is just a brief summary of why janitors are important.

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