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Effective Customer Service

26 Feb 2021 2:01 PM | Lane Johnston

Customer service is a vital part to most business, especially businesses of service.  In the cleaning industry, the customer service delivered to the client is as important as the cleaning itself.  When problems occur, (which is almost inevitable), there are some good practices to keep in mind.

When a client communicates a complaint, they need to be heard.  If dealing with a client in person, it is important to smile, make eye contact, and comment appropriately back to the customer to let them know you heard them and empathize with them.  After this acknowledgement, a solution must be provided.  Be sure the client is clear on what steps are being taken to correct the issue.  Finally, after these steps have been taken, follow up.  

Most cleaning companies practice at least a few of these steps.  Few execute them all.  One company based in DFW that prides itself on excellent customer service is Fernic Building Solution.  Their information can be found here:


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