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The Importance of Cleaning Bloodborne Pathogens

06 Mar 2021 1:01 PM | Letisha Kyle

It is very important for cleaning staff and staffing in the health care field to know the proper cleaning and sanitation tools made available by OSHA to safeguard against coming into contact with blood or other possibly contaminated body fluids. Learning the correct cleaning and sanitation chemicals used in the removal of blood, vomit, and other body fluids can help in the prevention of cross-contamination of HIV and HBV.

Because blood borne pathogens can cause diseases in humans, as we are cleaning and decontaminating areas, we are to assume all human fluids are contaminated and proceed using standards set in place by OSHA. This includes an exposure control plan. The exposure control plan must be updated and made readily available to all employees.

Because the symptoms of HIV and Hepatitis B (HBV) are not immediate, those who come into contact with the bloodborne pathogens should contact their supervisor and let them know what happened; they are to contact their doctors also. Follow the guidelines that are in the written exposure control plan set by OSHA in regards to what should occur after making supervisors and doctors aware of possible contamination.


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