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Why It's Important for Employees To Be Engaged With Cleaning and Understanding Bloodborne Pathogens

28 Feb 2021 9:06 PM | Jamal Tahirkheli

For any employee working in a healthcare setting, it's extremely important to be aware of proper cleaning procedures and protocols. As we are in the midst of a global pandemic, it's even more important to be aware. Employees must take these procedures seriously to avoid spreading potential bloodborne pathogens, exposing themselves to bloodborne pathogens, and to prevent serious injury or death.

It's also important for employee to have a basic understanding of bloodborne pathogens and the seriousness of them. Whether it's HCV, HBV, or HIV, the potential risks in healthcare settings are enormous. It's imperative that employees use Personal Protective Equipment when cleaning sites with potential bloodborne pathogens.

Finally, staff knowledge of bloodborne pathogens is extremely important. Through proper education, employees can train others on proper cleaning procedures and protocols that will aid in the prevention of exposure and illness.


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