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Janitors Role in Our Daily Lives

02 Mar 2021 2:08 PM | Gregory Shurn

The importance of Janitorial staff And Janitors Communication should be in sync at all times to provide a great customer service.. Janitors provide the safety of germ spreading, and viruses from transmitting. It is good for your health and the environment to have a certified janitor in charge of your cleaning department. To ensure that no chemicals are  improperly mixed / all hazardous materials and waste materials are properly disposed. 

Janitors are 1 of the most essential workers in the industry  of the workforce, when it comes to protecting the environment from germs, bacteria, and diseases. Without Janitors the United States would be in bad shape, just on the improper disposal of some chemicals, on one's person , or land. ( Quote: Janitors, are simply here to provide an environmental friendly service to the customer when its needed, and to keep visitors happy.

However, I think A Janitor should pride him, or herself Before and after the service provided.  Because we are not recognized enough throughout our 24 hour public service.. The is no scheduled quit time on cleaning, it is a rotating wheel, it will always be a need. No matter how routine the janitors role may seem, things can change in a instant due to an emergency. that is why having a great Staff that communicates well with Janitors is important in a daily manner. To give daily Updates on areas in need of public service, in cause of adding environmental safety to our daily lives. 


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