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Biohazard Cleaning Certificate

05 Mar 2021 5:13 PM | Kegan Lung

When working in the cleaning industry it is rare but happens, that people ask if you can clean up after a dead body, or deodorize after infestations and hording. But it does happen! And often its the customers you have the closest relationships with and want to help out

Sadly this can put you into a situation where you are at danger of getting sick by helping friends. Taking a biohazard cleaning certification course means being prepared to inform them and knowing what steps they need to take. Even if you don't plan on doing the cleaning. Knowing how to handle it will make you an asset to them.

If you do plan on going in. You could be endangering yourself or your staff and putting them in a bad position. Taking this course means knowing how to keep your staff safe.  

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