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03 Mar 2021 3:02 PM | Gregory Shurn

As the Proud Owner of Clean Az It Gets, My alternate business plan and goal is to Arrive on time, Always Do My Best, Try My Best to Avoid Making Any Mistake, Immediately, Correct Any Mistakes That May Occur, Work Through All, If Any Special Situations Without Becoming Frustrated With The Task. I Plan To Make Sure To Work Within My Budget, To Ensure That  I Keep A Good Relationship With The Customer, Without Costing Myself, or Losing Profit. Time Is Money.. Make Time For Myself, When It Becomes A Need, Because The Need Of Janitorial Services Are Much Needed On A Round The Clock Basis. 

Also, As The Owner Of, Clean Az It Gets, My Plan is To Train All My Employees The OSHA Way, (Meaning), Having The Type Of Staff, That Is Going To be Great At Hearing What Is Expected From The Customer As Well As Understanding Their Complaints, While At The Same Time, Showing The Customer That You Care. I'm Planning On Training All My Employees To Provide A Smile, Eye Contact, And Proper Ways To Communicate, And Comment On Various Situations. (S.E.C.)

However, My Best Way To Providing Great Customer Service, Will Come From Creating Solutions For The Customer, By Clarifying The Remedy To The Customer As Situations May Occur. Lastly, I Plan To Follow Up With All My Customers, With A Phone Call, Or Through Via Email, With A Survey Attached, Or Even Offering Coupons Towards The Next Service To Be Provided.


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