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The importance of janitors in everyday life

25 Aug 2022 4:05 PM | Natalie Cruz

Janitors are very important in everyday life because they are the ones who maintain the places, we visit every day, be it the office or a store. They are also the ones who keep the spaces where we interact daily with other people clean and safe. in addition to keeping the dining rooms and bathrooms running. In addition to having the proper knowledge to make use of the different chemicals that in the hands of someone without due knowledge can have an injury

Janitors help business owners focus on their business. Business owners can actually concentrate on their business activity rather than the facility cleaning. Which is in fact an important component of the business but is a task that can be time consuming, hence the importance of qualified cleaners and janitors.  A dirty environment is disturbing for the mind. It's very hard to be productive when everything around is in rough conditions. So, when it comes to peace of mind for the employees and employers qualified janitors is key.

Another aspect of the importance of janitors is health. Specially now days with COVID 19. A clean/disinfect work space helps preventing the propagation of viruses that can cause potential illnesses. The CDC and other cleaning associations have put together cleaning guidelines because they acknowledge the importance of cleaning properly. Be it because of COVID 19 or other viruses like the common flue, janitors play an important task in it, because they are the ones providing an essential service for physical and mental health.

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