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Bloodborne Pathogens

28 Mar 2021 3:58 PM | Jasmine Hunt

Bloodborne pathogens is important for cleaning employees and staff to know about because you may be cleaning a medical facility and take out the contaminated trash by accident and there are specific procedures in place for taking those out. I actually had that happen in one of my medical facilities. She had just started working and was removing trash from the facility and also removed the biohazard. 

This was a huge mistake on her part but also on my part as well because I felt like she wasn’t being properly trained. I also feel like a horrible employer because I do not have a OSHA control plan in place. This is something that I was really embarrassed to say. 

Bloodborne pathogens is not something that you take lightly because this can be detrimental to someone’s livelihood actually causing death. I am going to make sure I start working on getting this into place starting today. When she accidentally removed the trash I spoke with the owner of the dentist and he was highly upset and that could have easily cost me my contract. Luckily it didn’t but this is something we all need to take into consideration when staffing and having people orient at medical facilities. 


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