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Greening Your Workplace, How Being Green Cleaning Certified Will Benefit Your Company

19 Jul 2021 2:21 PM | Scott Milbank

Although employees only have so much leeway when it comes to making changes at the workplace, they often have some input into the setup of their personal workspace and the employees' lounge. While you might want to get permission first, it is possible to make a difference in greening your workplace in your efforts to create a better world for the future. If you are looking to create a more environmentally friendly workplace, just use as many of the following strategies as you can.


Turn to Reusable Items in the Lounge/Kitchen

If your office features a kitchen area in the lounge or in a separate room, you might want to switch over from paper and Styrofoam products to glassware and plastic. This strategy only works if the area also has an area to wash up any dishes and silverware that you use.


Make It Easy to Recycle

Most people will recycle their aluminum, glass, plastic, and paper items if they have the means to do so. Ask for permission to set up a recycling area in the lounge and/or kitchen of your work place.


Set Up a Swap Zone

If you can find a spot to do so, set up an area where coworkers can swap unwanted items. You can establish guidelines for the kind of items that are acceptable for swapping, ensuring that the area remains clean and tidy. You could also set up a policy that you must put in one item for each one that you take out.

If you are environmentally minded, you might like the opportunity to green your workplace with a few simple changes.  While the changes that you make might be small, they can make a positive difference on the environment. If your company wants to go green but is not able to accomplish on their own, check out IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory to find the true, certified professionals that will be happy to provide guidence.



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