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Key Advantages of Certified IJCSA RCS Cleaning Services

21 Mar 2021 1:40 PM | Letisha Kyle

Clients will benefit the professional services that is gained through passing the IJCSA RCS certification. Those who have taken the certification have gained much knowledge as far as chemicals and the safety and care that would need to taken in regards to clients as well as the cleaning company.

Another key advantage is learning to clean according to customized surface reports. These reports are to help the client communicate to the cleaner what specific needs they would like, for example if they would like their oven cleaned and this is not a part of the professional cleaning service that is done regularly. 

By becoming a IJCSA RCS certified professional, you have the ability to learn about different type of surfaces and which chemicals are used to clean them. This becomes even more important when mixing different chemicals and knowing the ratios that’s needed without causing harm to yourself as well as the clients property.

Learning how to clean and groom clients carpets so another key advantage. This plays a role in the longevity of the clients carpet which is appreciated by clients and could help in client retention.

There are many advantages to hiring a cleaning company or person that passed the IJCSA RCS certification. I have named a few. If interested in having a cleaning company that is certified visit IJCSA website at


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