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Bloodborne Pathogens

14 Dec 2021 9:43 PM | Anonymous

Learning on how to handle bloodborne pathogens

Handling  labeled material's and disposal, also taking precautions on cleaning & disposal.  Handle contaminated laundry cautiously.  Laundry bags need to be  properly labeled color coded containers  if they are being transferred to another facility this also includes gloves and equipment.  Always wear protective equipment , never manually compress trash.  Never eat, drink or smoke or use any type of lip balm in areas that there could possibly be blood borne pathogen exposures.  Avoid spattering or splashing when cleaning up.  Never reuse Towels or Sponges.  Do not bend or recap contaminated needles.  If you think you were exposed to bloodborne pathogens contact your supervisor and or physician and watch for symptoms and when a exposure has happened the (Supervisor)  needs to keep records for 3 years after the exposure.   Have a written control expose plan and this plan needs to be updated at all times, reviewing the plan annually. Always decontaminate surfaces and or areas with disinfectants and always disinfect cleaning equipment and materials

Always wash your hands properly. 



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