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Customer Service Skills

29 Mar 2021 12:51 PM | Kamala Waller

Customer service here at IJCSA is one of our top priorities. We spend a lot of time with clients in regard to customer service because we strive to have satisfied clients every time we provide a service. Customer service means assisting clients with issues that might occur or anything that could happen in our care. Our staff here at IJCSA provides clients with the best cleaning/janitorial training that is available. Good customer service leads to satisfied clients/ customers, who could possibly affect the growth of this company, and the training services that we provide to our clients.

You just might want to give IJCSA a try because we provide intense training to all members that are interested in obtaining certification in the world of cleaning/janitorial work on a professional basis.  With the recent pandemic afloat, we here at IJCSA make sure everyone is trained in customer service skills and they all know how to maintain an area that had been contaminated. It is so important to have a commercial cleaning service that can adapt to these challenging times. Our staff is knowledgeable about the cleaning products that we use to clean contaminated areas to ensure clients wherever you are within a facility you will feel safe from any viruses or contaminants.

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