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Medical Cleaning Goes Beyond The Medical Facility

16 Jul 2021 6:13 AM | Deleted user

Many people will tell you that COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how we look at cleaning at home and in the office.  In some cases this is certainly true in terms of documentation of cleaning and what disinfectants should be used.

However, aside from some of the strongest disinfectants, the actual disinfectants used have not changed much, just the frequency.  As such, it is important for employees and clients know just how frequent application and cleaning is ongoing.  This is where a daily cleaning log should be used to document when and where disinfection has been completed.

The processes used in a healthcare facility can also be used to enhance recycling protocols in commercial environments and enhance the accuracy of record keeping.  Further, proper cleaning and disinfection can reduce the threat for viruses and bacteria to impact your staff or force a business to close down due to lack of staffing.

The implementation of medical cleaning in all the environments from residential to commercial environments can help to enhance a clean and safe environment. 


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