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Bloodborne pathogens

12 Apr 2021 9:36 AM | Naika ST JEAN

In a world where cleaners are often do not get any appreciation.

Here is why it is in our best interest to know about bloodborne pathogens.

Worldwide 5.6 million workers are exposed to bloodborne pathogens only HBV has made around 3000 victim every year it is very important for every worker to know how to deal with bloodborne pathogens because it saves lives, families, and coworkers.  No one want to see loves one suffering died or even get infected with a virus at all imagine get infected with one that has no cure yet and can be transmitted to your wife and kids? It will be a lot to process, I encourage everyone think twice think hard it 40 hours of your time to learn about bloodborne pathogens however it can save lives, families, friendship, and your coworkers.


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