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The importance of Janitors in Our Lives

13 Apr 2021 11:34 AM | Omar Escobar

Quite simply, Janitors(at least those that take their jobs seriously) make it possible for us to engage in our daily activities outside our homes. Almost every single aspect of business and commerce incorporates, to some extent, the idea that the places we visit as customers will be clean and sanitary. Customers are largely unwilling to enter business locations, commercial or otherwise, if they are littered and in general unsanitary conditions. To the extent, that our economy relies on business activity, janitors are an essential cog in the machinery of business because much of our economy(pre-pandemic) still relies on people entering clean buildings for entertainment or business.

But trained janitors are more than just an essential part of the private business infrastructure. All government office buildings require clean and sanitary conditions to operate. Government employees cannot effectively carry on their functions in unclean or disease stricken locations. Also, members of the public cannot be expected to transact government business in unsanitary government buildings. Therefore, janitors make it possible for daily governmental functions to take place. This of course,  affects all of us, directly and indirectly.

At Sani-Pure,, we understand that janitors and all persons who engage in the business of cleaning and janitorial services play an important function in our daily lives. That is why, we believe in training staff about all aspects of property cleaning and sanitation.


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