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Green Certified Company Benefits

24 May 2021 7:06 AM | Teferro Jeffries

Being a Certified Green Cleaning Company can be a game changer for your organization.  This certification allows you to be recognized and placed in a different category than your average cleaning company.  

Being a certified Green Cleaning company means that your company is fully committed to using green products and maintaining a sense of awareness and responsibility to ensure your company keeps safety and green awareness at the forefront.

Green Cleaning Certification is an asset that many companies value.  With today's climate with viruses and pandemics, companies may think that the stronger product the better.  This is not necessarily the case.  These strong, even harmful products can be just as dangerous as the virus that it is trying to eliminate.  This is a huge reason why a Green Cleaning Company is so valuable.  The company will be committed to using safe products that will be effective at the same time.  Keeping the tenants of the venue in mind while doing the job.  

There are tons of ways to be effective at Green Cleaning.  IJCSA has a great directory that allows its member to access various products to utilize to maintain their Green cleaning mantra and remain and asset to the community and more importantly, the environment.


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