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Preventative measures when cleaning

20 Aug 2021 7:50 AM | Deleted user

It is more critical now more than ever, with the Covid 19 pandemic, that we take preventative measures when cleaning. Cleaning should be top priority, and with that a thorough plan should be set in place. With a strong plan set in place, both the workplace and the employees  are safe.

First, we need to understand that bloodborne pathogens are found in a humans blood, vomit, saliva that could be harmful if direct contact is made causing serious diseases. These diseases include HIV, HBV, and Hepatitis. Expose ourselves to these pathogens thru our nose and mouth, but also thru cuts and scrapes on our skin.

To prevent ourselves from becoming ill, it is imperative to follow Oshas Universal Precaution, recommends that blood and certain body fluids from ALL patients be considered potentially infectious and that infection control precautions be taken to minimize the risk of exposure. Some precautions required by my cleaning employees are that they wear proper PPE including a facemask and gloves.


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