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Bloodborne Pathogens

17 Jul 2021 5:46 PM | Deleted user

 There are a variety of dangerous pathogens commonly transmitted by exposure to blood, ranging from Brucellosis and Hepatitis to HIV and Syphilis, to name a few. Therefore, meticulously following safety protocols when working around blood or any other bodily fluids is of the utmost importance. Exposure to various viruses, bacteria, and parasites that are transmitted in this manner can cause serious damage to your body over time, which may result in permanent injury or death.

  If your skin or eyes are directly exposed to blood, immediately flush the affected area with water. Follow all applicable post-exposure protocols. Always be cautious when working around biological hazards or any biological matter. Be sure to always communicate any possible hazards you may encounter to your coworkers and/or supervisor. Above all, try not to panic if and when exposure occurs.

  The high cost of healthcare in the United States often has an oppressive effect on many sufferers of bloodborne pathogens, which is another important consideration. Following safety protocols and paying attention at all times should help you avoid exposure in the first place, but you should still familiarize yourself with post-exposure protocols if you are going to be working around bio-hazards. Never compromise your safety for the sake of a deadline.


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