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Bloodborne pathogens & importance of cleaning

24 Jul 2021 7:53 AM | Trenn Giordano

Bloodborne pathogens are found in the human blood and other body fluids.  Facility employees such as janitors, housekeepers, or custodians,may be at risk of exposure to blood and other body fluids in the workplace. If not treated properly , exposure can lead to serious illness if not sometimes death . This is why we discuss why it is important to have a proper knowledge and practice on health and safety regarding cleanliness & blood pathogens .

Exposure to bloodborne pathogens mostly comes from the mucus membrane , or in other words through the mouth airways and nose airways . This means that if exposed , you can possibly be at risk simply by eating or drinking in the contaminated environment . Jobs like school custodians , hospital janitors , can be the  most risk considering all the possibilities that can be present such as : a school fight , an accidental slip that lead to injuries , a sick student , all of these are scenarios to take caution and act accordingly .  Result of not taking proper action can lead to severe illness such as hepatitis b (hbv) or HIV. 

So what can you do as an employee to take caution & act responsibly to any of these scenarios  ? First , you can put up proper signs and posts to inform others around that it is a hazardous area . Secondly there are safety practices that you should take such as protective equipment such as goggles , mask , gloves, all to reduce the risk of being infected . Lastly , washing the area thoroughly with soap and water , disinfect the area  removing any item if any that may be infected and segregate it in its own place , making sure that the exposure stops with you .


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