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BBP Protection While Cleaning

26 Jul 2021 8:48 AM | Mendi Riggins

While being a janitorial worker may be a dirty job, it must also be a safe one.  It is important for janitorial workers to know about the safety precautions of being exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens.  These precautions include wearing protective gear, cleaning surfaces and disposing of contaminated items properly.

All workers must wear gloves when working in medical offices to limit the probability of exposure to bodily fluids.  Workers must be sure not to avoid cross contamination by changing their gloves frequently.  It is also important for workers to know the proper way to take the gloves off, which is to avoid touching the edge and folding them within each other. The workers should also avoid splashing and slinging of any hazardous materials, to avoid spreading contamination.

It is important that workers know that in order to clean surfaces that have been contaminated you must use a cleaning product that contains 1 part bleach to 9 parts water.  This solution should be on the surface for at least 20 minutes and then wiped up the remaining solution.  Workers must know the importance of cleaning and disinfecting mops and mop buckets, as this is a means to avoid transference.

The last and possibly the most import step is the disposal of hazardous materials.  It is important for workers to know that they cannot just thought hazardous materials in the trash.  These items must be disposed of in a red or orange biohazard bag.  Workers must also remember to NEVER compress these bags, as it may expose them or others to bloodborne pathogens either by contaminated syringes or broken glass.

By following these simple steps, janitorial workers will do their part to ensure a safer work environment and a clean environment for the customers.


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