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How Important Are Janitors & Janitorial Staff To Our Daily Lives

25 Sep 2021 6:47 AM | Trenn Giordano

Have you ever took the time to just imagine what your workplace or school environment would look like or even smell like if there was nobody to clean up all the messes that you tend to make from time to time  ? For the great majority , your response was that maybe  you  probably haven’t . Everyday , we go about our lives whatever that might look like , we go to the grocery store , stop for a gas fill up , go to the doctors office , or maybe even go to school , in all of these places it is your local janitors and custodians who take the credit for the clean environment that you stay in . 

That means all of the nice and shiny floors that you walk on , the clean windows you look into  , & the vacuumed rugs you might lay on , it is  all because of your local hard working janitor . However, even though a janitors role might be limited as we think  to cleaning things it as actually far more important then just that .  Janitors use valuable knowledge on how to deal with certain chemicals that may be harmful to me or you if not used properly , they also quite often  are confronted with possible health hazards that can be a risk to them or others around if not dealt with cautiously .  With this knowledge it is important how janitors approach a possible health hazard , and how to identity when there is a possible hazard in front of them .

Identifying hazards can be noted as : sharp pointy objects in a trash can or any other place , blood  spills , and even vomit . All of these examples are considered to be hazardous because they all contain bloodborne pathogens ( BBP) which is an infectious microorganism that can cause disease in humans through blood or other exposure to other bodily fluids . Exposure to these hazards are not limited to just touch or getting somebody else’s blood in your opened wound , these diseases can actually be transmitted  just through contact through the mucus membrane, which is your nasal and mouth airways . These diseases include but are not limited to HBV and HIV.

So for janitors to come into work everyday to do they’re cleaning  , they need to make sure that they come prepared for any hazard at hand . Thankfully they do ! By the standard we call PPE which stands for personal protective equipment . PPE  is to make sure the janitor is safe and guarded from the exposure to BBP . Personal equipment are items such as gloves , masks , protective clothing , and goggles which protect from dealing with chemicals and other health hazards .

In conclusion , we see that a janitors role truly is more then just cleaning and making things look nice and shiny . They are the middleman between me and you that allows us to live in a healthy, safe , clean , hazard free environment . For any cleaning janitorial services try 


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