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The Importance of Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness

22 Jul 2021 12:44 PM | Dave Harting

Knowledge of bloodborne pathogens in the cleaning industry today is crucial to keeping each employee safe. By knowing the threat that these pathogens hold, they can be sure to take greater caution when implementing cleaning strategies in the work field. This knowledge heightens the level of caution of employees through awareness of the effects that bloodborne pathogens have on the human body. Furthermore, employees can also learn how to properly deal with the threat of bloodborne pathogens and how to avoid from contaminating themselves and others.

Being aware of bloodborne pathogens also has a distinct effect on the safety of others. If a cleaning job is not done correctly, those who enter the building being cleaned may be physically affected. It can easily become an issue of life and death. Bloodborne pathogens can take a toll on an individual's body, especially in the hospital setting. Danger level increases when proper cleaning methods are not taken to prevent infection. Therefore, keeping others safe, including fellow employees, can be possible through the knowledge of these pathogens.

If proper safety precautions against bloodborne pathogens are not taken, it can effect the reputation of the company that a cleaner is working for. The staff is an important part of a company. If the cleaner takes improper measures of cleaning, there becomes a risk of endangering people's lives. This evidently reflects on the overall company. If someone is hurt because of an unclean space, it can spell out severe legal consequences to the company and the cleaner. Knowing the dangers of bloodborne pathogens would help to prevent this from happening.


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