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Implementing medical cleaning practices into other residential and commercial cleaning situations

24 Jul 2021 7:29 PM | Lewis Mcdonald

  I believe cleaning medical facilities take the highest priority in the cleaning field, because of the level of sensitivity involved. your dealing with the direct health of people who are already in a compromised state. So it makes sense for these cleaning practices to be used in residential and commercial cleaning situations.

  Residential cleaning should be done with the same importance as medical facilities and in so doing we may cut down on the millions of cases of the flu which was estimated to around 35 million last year, by targeting the common areas of a residential home with the same procedures as a medical facility we probably could cut those numbers down drastically. and why not being that children could be safer from transmittable infections.

  Commercial cleaning the same, a big part of our economy is based in Corporate America. We would be better off to protect commercial facilities from harmful bacteria and germs, by following the medical facilities model, keeping these places germ and bacteria free is the future, we can't afford to lose a whole commercial building staff to infections that we can prevent by using the universal practices for healthcare facilities.

  In closing, The universal precautions protective practices is the future. With new germs and viruses emerging everyday the cleaning healthcare facilities model makes the most sense to follow. These practices transfer over to residential and commercial areas without issue. These procedures could undoubtedly impact the world in a positive way. so lets make this a safer world by using the universal precautions and practices and our PPE and make the world a safer place. for professional cleaning services please checkout the website


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