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Importance of great Customer Service

27 Jul 2021 12:35 PM | Shian Jno-Lewis

Customer satisfaction is key to the sustainability, survival and growth of any company. 

It is imperative that we listen to you the customer. By listening closely we'll be able to determine what it is you want us to do to resolve any problem. We prefer to take a team approach to any complaints. 

A complaint comes in many forms and from many different sources; be it a trash can that wasn't emptied to soap dispensers that weren't filled to poor behavior by employees. Therefore, our first plan of attack is to ensure we understand the precise nature of the complaint. If need be, we will visit the job site to see why you are unhappy and take care of the problem immediately.

If we happen to solve the problem before figuring out the root cause of the problem, we will go back and figure out the cause. Once we know the cause we will decide on a preventative course of action so the problem does not happen again.

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