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Benefits of Adding Green Cleaning Service

29 Jul 2021 4:05 PM | Frances Kelly

As we implement green cleaning as a certified IJCSA Member, we will be distinguished from our competitors. Being a certified green cleaning business will prove that we have the knowledge and credibility along with the know how. This certification will allow us to have a competitive edge over other businesses who are operating as a non-certified cleaning company or may not be certified to offer the service.

Providing this service to customers will allow us to add more benefits. These benefits includes but not limited to: health and wellness, safety, and cleaning efficiency.

One, health and wellness can eliminate exposure to toxic chemicals, reduce incidence of asthma attacks caused by dust and chemical allergens, as well as, improve indoor air quality by minimizing airborne dust and chemical gases.

Secondly, safety can improve training programs by emphasizing safety and strengthening awareness, provide or recommend safer of handling of chemicals using automatic dilution dispensers, and improve control of chemical inventory and storage locations 

Final, cleaning efficiency can improve cleaning processes and systems, promote increased learning and productivity, and reduce the frequency of labor-intensive tasks such as refinishing floors by using less intensive cleaning and maintenance activities more often.

Frances Kelly

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