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Being Green Cleaning Certified

29 Sep 2021 10:19 AM | Frances Kelly
Being a certified Green cleaning business will give us the knowledge, know-how and credibility. This certification will set is apart from our competitors who provide  the service but not certified.

Having the certification will ensure we understand the benefits of: green cleaning efficiency, community and environmental & sustainable.  

The cleaning efficiency eliminates the amount of dirt or soil buildup by using the right walk-off mats size; improve cleaning processes and systems, and promotes increased productivity and learning.

Green cleaning provides a sense of community among stakeholders; provides recognition for the efforts from the janitorial staff and other stakeholders; and encourages the facility  occupants to play a role in the success of the community.

Environmental and sustainable lower environmental impact of the facility; improve indoor air quality, minimize energy usage, increase recycling; and incorporate the LEED certification program that gives credits for various components of a green cleaning business or program.

You can also reference the IJCSA Green Cleaning Directory.

Frances Kelly 

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