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The Importance Of Customer Service Certification

28 Mar 2022 9:34 AM | Anonymous

Working as an Environmental Service employee in a hospital setting for 5 years, taught me how essential it is to understand the importance of great customer service!  As a supervisor once told me, every guest that comes to visit us in this hospital, comes to visit us with an issue that we must find a solution for!  Some will come calmer than others, given, but it is essential to make the visit as pleasant as possible.  The IJCSA Customer Service Certificate Training Course helped me identify these missing flaws, and helped me better connect with my guests needs, more importantly how to properly handle all situations.  This course provided me with clarity on how to be more of a professional when in dialogue with a guest, as well as, how to identity and how to approach some of the issues presented before you.  The course taught me how to properly care for a guests needs, and the importance using these tools when you first interact, and keep consistent through and after the fact.  Many of these tools helped me become a better employee to provide a better service for our guest.  I now approach every person and guest I know with these steps I’ve learned, and quite frankly, I am a better employee for it.  Just always remember “make your smile contagious, engage in eye contact to let em know they have your undivided attention, and empathize by relating to the issues and commit/solve while providing clarity and satisfaction!  IJCSA provides everything you truly need! 


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