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Benefits Of The "IJCSA Green Cleaning Master Certification""

19 Sep 2021 6:16 PM | Tyrone Jones

When you diligently prioritize being certified and/or recertified in green cleaning, it ultimately takes you down a journey that reiterates the versatile options that one has at his/her disposal regarding green cleaning. The most popular benefits of being a green cleaner are very obvious: 1) Reduction in health risks 2) Improvements in indoor air quality. 3) Reduction in harsh chemicals being placed in the environment. 4) Increase in productivity.

Pursuing the Masters Green Cleaning Certification deepens your awakening regarding not only what is categorized as green cleaning, but it also expands your appreciation for true "all natural cleaning" options as well. Further exploring the availability of natural alternatives to harsh chemicals gives you a greater sense of how to truly position yourself, your employees, your customers, and their customers to no longer just prioritize cleaning with excellence, but instead to prioritize cleaning to a healthy and safe environment with excellence. This is a clear distinction between those two agendas.

A Masters Green Cleaner does not have to limit him/herself to just striving to be better than the competition, but instead, can strive towards being among the fewer qualified providers (in the industry) of transforming the customers' environments into mini-safe havens (from a cleaning perspective). 

A Masters Green Cleaner is equipped with the knowledge to better lead his/her team towards differentiating themselves in a way that makes them feel like they are a part of something bigger than the norm. Successful teams all have three things in common: knowledgeable leadership, teammates that get better over time, and everyone buying into a vision that truly positions the team "to win".

A Masters Green Cleaner has the knowledge and awareness of educating the team on ways to improve its cleaning practices while also protecting the employees from being insufficiently protected from harsh chemicals. In closing, all of these are reasons that reinforce the benefits of being a green cleaner (Masters Green Cleaner).  


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