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Harmful Effects of Everyday Cleaning Chemicals

05 Aug 2022 9:39 AM | Dave Harting

Everyday cleaning supplies often have toxic chemicals in them. While they are not obvious in the ingredients, these chemicals can cause irritation in the lungs, eyes, and throat. In those whose health is high risk, it creates additional problems and may exacerbate their symptoms. This creates an environment that is unsafe in both households and businesses. 

Harmful chemicals not only affect humans, but also our outdoor surroundings. Everyday chemicals may contain VOC's, which can have a significant impact on the ozone. As these chemicals become airborne, using them will affect the outdoor world. The environment that we live in should be protected. By choosing safer options to clean, we can avoid sending toxic substances into our air.

Rather than continue to use harmful chemicals in our cleaning procedures, switching to natural green products would improve a company's reputation. As the company uses more natural products, other clients would see the attention and effort put into the health and safety of both clients and employees. As a company uses natural products, the ease of mind for employees allows them to perform better in their work. This increases the welfare of the company and in turn comes with added benefits.

Furthermore, natural cleaning products benefits both the health of others and the health of our planet. We can take a proactive stance for health and welfare by using green products while also not compromising on the quality of the product. It has been shown that natural cleaning products have the same or better performance than everyday cleaning chemicals.

By using natural cleaning products, the company can benefit from improved health of employees, a proper stance on environment welfare, and a good reputation. Instead of using generic cleaning products and affecting others, a company can switch to green products and still get the same quality that they had. This results in a more well rounded, self-aware company.


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