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Understanding Bloodborne Illnesses

10 May 2022 8:43 AM | Valerie Jones

In order to provide a safe and healthy environment not only for ourselves but for those we provide services to we must be aware of all dangers that could possibly arise. By becoming aware we will obtain a better understanding of how these dangers are passed or transmitted.  By following OSHA guidelines and proper practices we effectively eliminate these dangers from spreading during any medical emergency in order to save lives.

Working in the cleaning industry we are more likely to be exposed to blood and bodily fluid when servicing medical facilities such as nursing homes and hospitals. Even as a residential housekeeper there's a possibility of exposure. Cleaning staff needs to be aware of the different symptoms following an exposure and how to protect themselves and others.

Recovering from the COVID outbreak that hit worldwide it is essential to take safety measures and ensure workers are able to identify the pathogens, transmission modes, and symptoms to prevent and control occupational exposure by providing training  to prevent becoming infected.


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