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Importance Of The Custodian/Janitor

28 Sep 2021 3:20 PM | Gustavo Espinosa

The daily cleaning of any facility is very important to everyone that comes in contact with the building. Not only is a first impression important it shows the level of responsibility your organization shows as to cleanliness , safety etc.  The daily janitor usually is one that opens the facility and polices the entire area to look for anything that is out of order ,any trash or safety issues and takes care of all .

When you have a Daily custodial/janitor , they usually police all public areas a couple of times a day and also make sure that all bathrooms are not only clean at all times but that they are appropriately stocked in all paper, tissue and soap dispensers. Dry any spills and or wet floors throughout the day.

The nightly janitorial cleaners take care of the heavy cleaning after all building personnel have gone. They take out all trash , clean all bathrooms, public areas and offices getting them ready for another day of use. They are also responsible to secure all garbage area and the building once they are finished and ready to leave the building.

As you can see the janitor/custodian is a very important part of the daily staff on any building. They are the ones that make everything go smooth during the day and take care of any issues accordingly as they are usually the ones that get to see any issues first.  


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