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Bloodborne Pathogens

02 Feb 2022 8:38 AM | Anonymous

It is scary to think you could be exposed to diseases such as Hepatitis B, HIV, AIDS, and other bloodborne pathogen diseases by simply doing your job! All it would take is accidentally getting stuck by a syringe, or coming in contact with an exposed area that has not been cleaned properly. Proper disposal, cleaning, and using the correct protection gear is of utmost importance in a medical facility.

To properly clean and disinfect medical treatment areas, always assume that ALL patients be considered potentially infectious and that infectious control precautions be taken to minimize the risk of exposure. When cleaning, always wear PPE, use medically proven cleaning agents, look for syringes and other sharp objects that could be hidden in sheets or other areas and dispose of them properly in the SHARP containers. When finish cleaning, remove protective gear and dispose of properly and follow up with a thorough hand washing and hand sanitizing.

If for some unfortunate reason you become exposed to bloodborne pathogens, the first thing you want to do is immediately flood the exposed area with water and clean any wound with soap and water or a skin disinfectant if available. Contact your physician for treatment and report to your supervisor so they can follow post exposure protocol by contacting infection control and occupational health departments. 

In conclusion, bloodborne pathogens or bodily fluids, are in most part, in every exam room of medical treatment centers. It is very important to take every precaution to avoid exposure by following proper guidelines an being aware of the dangers. Treat every cleaning situation as if they are a potentially infected. If exposed, follow procedures to wash and cleanse infected area then immediately contact 


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