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Customer service for your cleaning company

08 Nov 2021 8:09 AM | Yesenia Chuc

The importance of great customer service is listening to the costumer, understanding the situation, apologize, find a solution and thank the customer. One way of listening to the customer is by using S.E.C; smile, eye contact and commenting on the problem. listening is also important so you understand your customer and find a solution. Emphasize with the customer by apologizing, this shows the costumer you understand the problem. Finding a solution to the customer is important to show the customer you care about their satisfaction, even if something you need to give a refund. Thanking the customer is essential this makes the costumer comfortable and possibly return or refer your company to others.

IJCSA insures that all members know and exercise great customer service. IJCSA Business Directory courses on how to be good at customer service its the number one priority. IJCSA is a great community for up coming companies wanting to learn the best way to provide great customer service. Great customer service is important because it keeps your returning customer satisfied encoring them to recommend your company to others.


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