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Medical Cleaning from the other side of the fence.

04 Oct 2022 6:09 AM | Bryan Overton

I have been in the medical field now for 37 years. 3 years ago, I began a specialized cleaning service for medical imaging suites. There are certain areas the hospital or hired cleaning service cannot safely enter to clean on a regular basis. It must be performed by people who work in the industry. On a daily basis, on site may provide imaging service to 200-500 people a day. This includes starting I.V.'s, trauma patients, HBV, HBC, HIV, Covid. You name it. 

I have found that most technologists do not have the time to properly clean the areas they work in. The do their best with the time given between patients. I have found that if I come in and do a deep cleaning on a regular basis. The suites remain clean and tidy. This helps greatly with any bloodborne pathogens

I work along side my fellow cleaning services to provide the best environment for the patient and the employee. We look out for each other. In the new environment with Covid. It has become a daily war we fight to keep from spreading the virus. We all have to be diligent. Bryan. 


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