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Bloodborne Pathogen Importance

20 Oct 2021 9:51 AM | Giancarlo Barrera

 All cleaning employees should be trained and certified for Bloodborne Pathogens. With all the different infectious disease's the world is dealing with today, it's important that we know how to handle infected equipment and correctly clean and disinfect possible infected areas to prevent the spread of any disease's. 

 Bloodborne Pathogens spread by bodily fluids and sometimes saliva from an infected person to the bloodstream of an un-infected person through an open wound. With that being said, PPE is a must while cleaning a possible infected area. Disposing of contaminated PPE in the correct colored and labeled bag or container is critical. 

 In all, OSHA requires employees to be trained and informed of the importance of Bloodborne Pathogens in the workplace. Infected Microorganisms can easily spread if not cleaned and disinfected properly.  


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