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16 Nov 2021 2:35 PM | Deleted user
Do you ever feel ill when you clean or afterwards your home is cleaned ? If so ? Perhaps it may be the chemicals being used in your home to clean, since there are many toxic chemicals inside those bottles say that window cleaner, or oven cleaner. You may think they’re are harmless but with time of use and exposure you can get ill from them. 

For that reason I highly recommend green cleaning it is environmentally friendly and toxic less way to clean your home, it is a form of cleaning that uses simple substances and mixtures to clean like ( baking soda, alcohol, olive oil, lemon and many other things).

As well for green cleaning it will help the environment because you won’t be exposing more toxic chemicals into the air and creating more toxicity in your surroundings. Also you will feel the difference when green cleaning is done you won’t feel that illness feeling any more after getting your home clean. So if you’re up to getting a green cleaning in your home, we have a directory for all our green cleaning company so you may find one nearest to you. We are all certified companies, who have taken courses to get certified and to know what to do.  


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