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The harmful effects of the daily used chemicals in your home

16 Dec 2021 12:18 PM | Deleted user

The harmful effects of using regular household chemicals. 

   The use of windex can cause, respiratory issues, skin irritations, an irritation of eyes, nose and throat. Pain in lungs, nausea, headache, coughing and increased breathing rate. Unlike the use of vinegar and water, it is an easy cleaner and works better than windex leaving windows and surfaces spotless.
   The use of butyl cellosolve found in ( all purpose cleaners, abrasive cleaner) can cause liver and kidney damage , and also is a neurotoxin that can depress nervous system and cause issues. Instead we can use washing soda to clean any grease and not have any health issues. 

   Artificial fragrances can cause allergies, skin and eye irritations. Instead of using artificial regranted we can create natural one with furor peelings and herbs.
    Amyl acetate a grease cutter , it is a neurotoxin that focuses in central nervous system and cause to depress. We can use instead some olive oil and lemon to polish without using toxic chemicals.

Chlorine can affect the body many ways it is very toxic it can cause respiratory problems and damaging the ozone of the earth. To avoid the use of chlorine we can use simple ingredients like baking soda lemon and, white vinegar to remove stains and clean and disinfect.


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