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The importance of cleaning employees & staff knowing about bloodborne pathogens.

15 Apr 2022 11:36 AM | Deleted user

Bloodborne pathogens are pathogenic microorganisms that live within our blood, these pathogens are known to cause disease in humans, as a cleaning employees and it is our job to know how to properly handle, and clean an area which has been contaminated with blood, also knowing the proper disposal of contaminated materials.

Without proper knowledge of how to clean a contaminated area you run the risk of illness and even death as bloodborne pathogens very easily enter our bodies through breaks in the skin, cuts, and our nose and mouth as they can infect us by making contact with our mucus membrane.

There are procedures put in place to handle such contaminated items and areas, the cleaning employees along with staff should all be well aware and knowledgeable of these procedures for their safety and also the safety of the public. 


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