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Benefits of IJCSA Certification

21 Jan 2022 2:48 PM | Anonymous

As an IJCSA Student or learner. I believe that this course woke me up that being a Janitorial Company is not only easy in people's minds but it helps me a lot and explains to me that cleaning every establishment is very dangerous especially if you don't know how. What kind of dirt are you going to clean. Because your client's health and your health will depend on how you clean and how to make their surrounding healthy as possible.

That's why I want to thank IJCSA for explaining  to me how to thoroughly clean each establishment because each building is unique. So, the benefits of being IJCSA certified (Certification holder) is a big advantage for the company and most especially for client because we can determine if dirt is dangerous for the client's health and the same time, company can ably to give the advice on how to avoid common diseases that can possibly get by dirt and wrong methods without hurting anyone.

People can assure that a company or person with IJCSA certification can ensure that only the use of green cleaning product is safe for everyone's health and less toxic as harmful. In case we use a chemical product. We have SDS and MSDS. Th SDS and MSDS contain all the information we need or the precautions on how to use the product.

This is also a great advantage for both the company and the clients because if you hire a professional single cleaner or a company  that has passed all the IJCSA exam and earned certificate. this will benefit the clients and the company. You will get repeat client and the company will grow in positive way and can have good feedback. The client will trust you because of the good service you provide.

From Biohazard, Carpet Cleaning, Bloodborne Pathogens, Customer Service, Green Certification, Master Green Certification, Janitorial Certification, Medical Cleaning, Mold Certification, Residential and Lastly Master Certification, this complete course was a huge opportunity to learn and share with my employees and also apply to client's. All the knowledge that IJCSA taught every company  or a single cleaner was really helpful and useful.

In this case you will be able to provide efficient and effective service for each client you clean. Your confidence when performing cleaning will increase, your company's reputation will improve. Increase credibility. All of that is the advantage and benefit when you undergo training and examination. 


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