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Green Cleaning Certification

16 Feb 2022 7:29 AM | Jeremiah Kpoh

Being Green Cleaning certified is going to give me the opportunity to show that I am really knowledgeable about cleaning beyond using rags and the good old mop and bucket.  To be certified means knowing how to work with sustainable products that will have a positive impact on the environment. I can also teach my team how to properly use and manage products that place the environment, people, and health on the front line.  These do not need to be competing forces. They can all work together.  For instance, I will be able to share why the use of micro-fiber cloth is better for the environment other than the use of paper towels.

One other area that is extremely important with the certification is that my team and my customers will know exactly the reason why we use such products and not those with harsh chemicals.  Many of these chemicals are toxic and can cause personal physician damage. Also there might be people who are not aware of the serious damages these toxic chemicals can cause. And having a certification will help to support my explanation beyond giving a generic statement that these chemicals are bad for us and the environment. I will be equip with the professional language.

To be green certified will also give me the knowledge to confidently do research and learn about what additional products and techniques I would like to support the sustainability of our environment. I will not only be relying on the marketing jargon of companies, but I will be relying on the information I learned from getting certified. This will help me to explain the specific product purchase choices I make or recommend to my staff and to customers.

For the reasons listed above, these are the reasons I believe being green cleaning certified will be a benefit to my company.  This certification will help me further develop my team’s skills on green products, it will help them understand the reason we can eliminate germs without toxic chemicals, and confidently help me select certain products and not fall prey to marketing gimmicks from cleaning companies.


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